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Our memories from beautiful holiday ... remain foreverBulgaria is a country situated in the southeast part of Europe. With its beautiful nature and great number of sights, it is an object of tourism for long years. The rich history and the favorable climate can surprise everyone who visits it for the first time. The sea resorts are a desired place for recreation and rest, but the mountain resorts develop more and more and they offer not less convenience and conditions for one valuable rest. When visited once Bulgaria - many tourists come back the next year.

Coming on a vacation or excursion in Bulgaria you have opportunity to visit great number of historic sights, nature phenomenon, monuments, and remains of mediaeval fortresses (Tzarevetz, Pliska, Veliki Preslav, Asenova fortress, fortress Baba Vida, Shumen fortress, fortress Kaleto near the town of Mezdra, the mediaeval town of Cherven), antique buildings (Perpericon, antique town Ylpia Eskus, fortress Kastra Marthy, fortress Cepina, antique fortress Nicopolis ad Istrum, fortress Kaleto near Belogradchik, antique fortress Kaleto, fortress Krakra, Roman military road Karasura, Tracian center near Halka Bunar, Tracian tomb in Kazanlak, the temple of Kibela, the temple of Sitalk), churches and monasteries. 9 objects in Bulgaria are announced for worldly inheritance and they are included in the UNESCO list (the Thracian tomb in Sveshtari, the Thracian tomb in Kazanlak, the Madara horseman, the Church of Boiana, the Ivanov rock churches, the Rila monastery, the old town of Nessebar, the reserve of Srebarna, the National Park of Pirin mountain).

Almost all types of tourism are developed in Bulgaria. For the people who love eco-tourism the mountains Rila, Pirin, Stara Planina, Rodopi offer opportunities for visiting astonishing nature sights, water falls, rock phenomenon (the rocks of Belogradchik, Belentash, Vratcata, Ritlite, the river Iskar defile, the Trigrad gorge) and reserves and nature parks (National Park of Pirin mountain, National Park of Rila mountain, National Park of Central Balkan, Nature Park Rusenski Lom, Nature Park of Vratza Balkan, Nature Park Strandja, Nature Park Persina, Nature Park of Central Balkan, Nature Park of Shumen plateau, Nature Park Bulgarka, Nature Park Zlatni Piasaci, Nature Park of Vitosha mountain, Nature Park Sinite kamani, Beautiful memories, makes our life splendid ...Nature Park Rila monastery).

For the people who love cultural tourism, the Bulgarian villages are a resource of unique emotion, caused by the traditional crafts and way of life, which develops in them and which is maintained for centuries ahead.

For the people who love the sun rays and the summer amusement, the Bulgarian Black sea coast offers a variety of hotels and places for rest for every taste and caprice.

Special offers
Old Bistrilitsa Houses
COMPLEX "BISTRILITSA HOUSES" Village of Bistrilitsa is 100 km far from Sofia, 20 km from Berkovi...

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Special offers
Complex Zagorie
Hotel complex "Zagorie"    In architectural plan, it is an unique building constructed in typi...

» Night 30lv. per person


Night 25lv. per person

» 8th December
8th December (Student holiday) in Hotel Zagorie

69 lv. for 1 night
89 lv. for 2 nights
» New Year's Eve
New Year's Eve in Hotel Zagorie

Prices between 229 lv. and 549 lv (depends on the room type) per person.









229 lv

289 lv

339 lv

449 lv

499 lv


259 lv

319 lv

374 lv

499 lv

549 lv

* Prices per person!

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Special offers
Hotel Art-M
WELCOME TO ART-M HOTEL, WELCOME TO TRYAVNA   With its narrow cobblestone roads, museums, and c...

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