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Veliko Turnovo is located in the central part of Northern Bulgaria, 220 km away from Sofia and 230 km away from Varna. There are trains and buses every day, which connect the city with the main transport centers. "Hemus" highway connects the city with Sofia and Varna. You can cover the distances to them for 2,5-3 hours. The travel by bus is also comfortable - continuance of 3 hours. If you decide to travel by train, it will take 4 hours. breitling replica watches Tickets can be bought at the railway stations in the cities.

Veliko Turnovo city is the third capital of Bulgaria. The brothers Asen, Petar and Kaloian revived the country and in 1186 the history of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom began. Veliko Turnovo was the capital of this great kingdom on Balkans. The city is located on several hills. The most famous hills are the Tzarevetz, Trapezitza and Sveta gora.

On the Tzarevetz hill the ruler lived together with his closest aristocrats. There was the king's palace taking area of 5000 square meters. Nearby was the church where the king's family prayed God for the prosperity of Bulgarian people. On the hill was also the Patriarchate - "the mother of all replica watches uk
Bulgarian churches". This is the place which kept the Patriarch Evtimii's spiritual inheritance. The bell of the Patriarchate was so big and heavy, its sound so strong and massive that it became legend. The legend tells that after the Turkish ravage, the bell fell on the ground and buried itself so deep that nobody has ever reached it.

Much time passed and people forgot the majestic bell but every time the city had success or failure, its sound echoed deep from the ground. The historic church St. 40 martyrs is located in the foot of the hill and many Bulgarian kings find eternal peace in its stillness.

On the nearest hill - Trapezitza, lived the boyars - Bulgarian medieval aristocrats. On this hill were built the boyars' homes - strongholds, and many churches. The number of the churches was almost the same as this of the boyars' homes. Secret passage through the river connected the king with its faithful men.

On the hill Sveta gora was the literary school of Turnovo, that exerted a powerful civilising impact on the orthodox world, especially on the newly rising great power - Russia. It was a symbol of cultural progress during XIII - XIV century. Many talented men of literature and art were educated there.
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